Thank you for your interest in carrying our cotton candy. 


We are a family run business that makes gourmet cotton candy in Dunrobin, On. We started the company less than a year ago. Already, you will find our cotton candy in iconic Canadian locations such as Canada’s Wonderland and The Fudge Factory in Niagara Falls!


Our cotton candy is freshly hand-spun daily. We make thousands of tubs per week to distribute across Canada. Our reusable, tamper resistant containers are 34oz (the industry standard is just 32oz). The shelf life is one year – guaranteed! We use only the finest ingredients, extracts and spices to make the most delicious cotton candy ever!


We offer festive flavors for all occasions on a rotating basis: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day etc. We even pay homage to occasions that make us uniquely Canadian such as: 420 and Pride week! Your customers will love having access to affordable, unique, nostalgic gifts for ANY occasion. Who doesn’t love cotton candy!


We would be delighted if you would consider adding our artisan confections to your stores.

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