Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Fundraising!

Make up to 25% profits for your school, club, sport team or charity. 


How It Works:


1.) You will receive a custom code to give to your supporters.

2.) Your supporters order directly from our website and pay online.

3.) At the end of the fundraising term, the tubs go to your organization to be distributed or picked up by            your supporters (or we can ship directly to them). 

5.) We will present a check to your organization. 

6.) There is NO cost to you! Here is how to earn great profits.

-Orders between $100 and $499 get a 10% profit cheque.

-Orders between $500 and $749 get a 15% profit cheque.

-Orders between $750 and $999 get a 20% profit cheque

-Orders $1000 and above get a 25% profit cheque

It really is that easy. This will be your sweetest fundraiser yet!

Want to get started? Send us your info and we’ll get back to you help you get set up!