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Host a cotton candy fundraiser, have fun and make money!

Raise money for schools, sports teams, charities, office parties etc. We have 3 options...

1. Wholesale - buy our cotton candy at a special price, resell them at your event and keep 100% of the profits!

2. Cotton Candy Booth - invite us to set up at your event, we sell directly to your guests and donate a percentage back. 

3. Order Forms - hand out order forms, collect payment, place your order with us and make money!

The shelf life is over a year, so your customers can shop and stock up for any upcoming special occasion: birthday presents, stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, hostess gifts, teacher gifts etc.

We offer unique options to display cotton candy: ferris wheel, inflatable booth, concession trailer etc.

Contact us for more details. This will be your sweetest fundraiser EVER!

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