About Us

We love all things Canadian! We are a family business that makes gourmet cotton candy in a tiny one-traffic-light town called Dunrobin, On. Our treats are hand made with old fashioned carnival machines – no automated factory equipment here!

Our reusable, tamper resistant containers are 34oz (the industry standard is just 32oz). The shelf life is one year – guaranteed! We only use the finest, locally sourced ingredients, extracts and spices to make the most delicious treats ever!

Our old fashioned, nostalgic flavors will remind you of childhood days spent at the country fair, circus and sports stadium. Join us and take a step back in time.


Canada Cotton Candy

We NEVER run out of cotton candy. We are open 365 days per year!


Enjoy festive flavors of home-made cotton candy. These artisan confections are freshly spun in small batches at our facility. Many of our flavors are exclusive. You will not find them anywhere else! We have so much fun inventing new flavors (and taste testing them). Each tub is heat sealed. Wholesale are available.

Please see our website for other awesome flavors such as: Mimosa, Appletini, Sparking Champagne, Hot Chocolate, Christmas Cookie, Unicorn Barf etc.