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Exorcism Barf

Introducing our seasonal Exorcism Barf, a devilishly good snack for horror movie fans and thrill-seekers. This green barf-inspired cotton candy looks like pea soup but tastes like sweet watermelon, making it a spooky and delicious treat. Perfect for Halloween parties or haunted house events, our Exorcism Barf is sure to please. Whether you're battling devil possession or just looking for a unique gourmet cotton candy experience, this product is not to be missed. So come try our Exorcism Barf and let the hauntingly good flavors take over

Exorcism Barf


Minimum 11+ Bulk Discount

Out of Stock
  • $6.49 when buying 4 or more.

    $5.99 when buying 11 or more.

    $4.99 when buying 51 or more.

    Bulk discounts are automatically calculated.

    Please contact us for wholesale prices.

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